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Disaster. It was doing great then just dried up. We’re still trying to resuscitate this.

We (ok, my husband) has been working hard at keeping our gardens from getting away from us. We are determined not to let weeds get the better of us this year. A big problem has been how dry it has been. We have not had any real rain for weeks. We’ll get thunderstorms rolling through, but end up with only a sprinkle, yet enough noise to freak out our dog Merlin who now has an anti-anxiety prescription for it!

Things are looking really good in the gardens. I only have a few things that are flowering right now, so I thought I would share those as well as

I have many hostas but only one is flowering.

one major disaster we’ve had.

I just love this crazy squiggly plant.

I think these are called balloon flowers.

The first daylily is out. I also have tiger lilies that will be opening soon.

This was my lush, full clematis vine that the gardeners pulled out. It is coming back. Maybe I’ll have flowers again next year.

Butterfly bush is doing ok. It looks a bit scraggly but I think it will be fine.

The herb garden is doing really well. I lost one parsley plant, but fortunately had planted two.

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  • sheryl says:

    One step forward…two steps back. It’s tough to deal with things beyond our control (like the heat, which burns a lot of my greenery AND the deer, who happen to LOVE my hosta!)