Collection Re-Use

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Charms_FramedWhen I was a child, I had a charm bracelet. It was so fun to add charms to the bracelet. My parents gave me charms for special occasions or as gifts. I loved it. It hibernated in the bottom of my jewelry case when I got older. When I had a daughter, I contemplated giving it to her, but the charms would have no meaning for her. She ended up with her own bracelet and her own charms. I still loved mine, although it’s not something I would wear as an adult. I still thought it was pretty. I decided to display the charms inside a frame. I removed the glass and used fishing line to sew them onto the backing. The frame is in a curio cabinet in my bedroom.

The top center is a lobster we bought in Maine. Next to it is my initial. The dog is a golden retriever, which is the breed we’ve always had. The one in the center is my birthstone. The Christmas tree was a Christmas gift. The horseshoe and shamrock were for luck. The bottom right is a pelican we bought in Florida. Its mouth opens and there is a fish inside.

Do you have any great ideas for re-using a collection that has outlived its original purpose?

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