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Posted by Brette in Books

Check out the new book trailer for The Parchment Paper Cookbook. Amazon is shipping the book already, so you can get yours now!

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2 Responses

  • Donna says:

    This is an interesting concept! I struggle finding recipes for one or two people and happened upon your website from a comment you made in someone else’s blog. Let me ask you, do these recipes freeze well in the event I wanted to make some ahead of time? Love, love, love this idea!!


  • NoPot says:

    Hi Donna. Thanks for stopping by. These recipes aren’t really designed to freeze- they’re more of a toss it together, stick it in the oven, and serve kind of thing. I agree with you about it being hard to find recipes for one or two people, but you definitely can in this book since almost all the entrees are designed as single packet items (you make as many as you have diners).