Book Review: My Itchy Travel Feet

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I want to be Donna Hull when I grow up. Donna writes the amazing travel blog MyItchyTravelFeet, which I have been following for several years. Donna’s target audience is active baby boomers, but I’m not a boomer and I find her posts to be dead-on about what I want to know. Not only do I want to be Donna, but I want to be married to her husband Alan. Donna writes the posts and Alan takes the most amazing photos. My husband and I try to take decent photos on our trips, but somehow we never take enough, some are blurry, the colors are funny, or we just somehow didn’t capture everything we remembered. Alan has no problem with any of that.

Now that you understand my couple crush, let me tell you about Donna’s ebook, My Itchy Travel Feet: Breathtaking Travel Adventure Ideas. Although I have followed Donna’s blog for a long time and she is a friend, I bought her ebook because I simply had to have it . The book takes lots of information from her blog and puts it all together in ebook format, and for a very reasonable $3.95, you get tons and tons of details on trips you will want to take and get to gorge yourself on Alan’s photos.

The book is divided into several sections and every single one of them spell a big, fat expensive trip I’ve added to my bucket list. Donna takes us on trips through northern Italy, coastal California, Hawaii, Asia, and New Zealand. There are also sections about cruising, nature adventures (lots of info on National Parks here) and a traveler’s toolkit and resources. There are great tips from Alan about how to take good photos (I will be studying these). Donna writes not only about what you should see, but she talks about the people she talked to and what they told her. Her adventures are for active people (a five-mile hike is not for someone who likes to sit on a tour bus) and she brings a wealth of experience to her recommendations for things such as small luxury cruise lines and how to locate a vacation rental online. As I was reading the ebook, I had to beat my jealousy down with a stick over all the destinations Donna has been to.

I wish this was available as a print book because this is the kind of book I could happily sit down with and flip through to while away an afternoon. Alas it is not, so you’ll have to click around. Use this book in one of two ways: for very detailed and carefully thought-out information about a location you will be visiting, or as an idea book to find a place for your next great adventure. Either way you will be impressed with the depth of Donna’s knowledge.

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