When my grandmother passed away two years ago, she left behind many treasures. There were antiques, items purchased on her trips around the world, old photos, and art work. Many are beautiful and I know they all had meaning to her. The problem is, those of us who inherited her treasures don’t know what all … Read more

I’m tied up with a new project I should be able to tell you all about very soon, but it means my Martha cooking time is limited. So I thought I would take a moment and reflect upon a growing problem in my kitchen. I am overrun with jellies/jams and mustards. Here is the current … Read more

Kitchen Organizing

Martha has inspired me to do some kitchen organization, with the post on her blog showing her neatly organized kitchen. The absolute worst spot in my kitchen was my baking cupboard. As you can see, it was a total disaster. What really made me get going was one day my good cobalt blue ceramic pie … Read more

There’s a two page spread in Feb Martha Stewart Living about how to save money in the kitchen. I read it eagerly hoping for some good tips. – The first tip is to freeze leftover and overripe fruit for smoothies. This is a good idea, although the only time I seem to make smoothies is … Read more

Organizing with Martha

I love to read Martha’s organizing ideas, so I have carefully read the Organizing Principles on page 80-81 of  February Martha Stewart Living. – Martha suggests storing food in glass jars. This is something I do want to do. I currently store some things in plastic, but I have to say I am becoming paranoid … Read more

Mapped Out

One of my brilliant Martha-esque ideas for Christmas was to make Mr. MarthaAndMe a framed map with thumbtacks in it to show all the places we’ve visited. I saw one in a catalog for about $180. I ordered a map of the US for $10 including shipping, then I bought a frame for 40% off … Read more

In my quest to do things the Martha way, I am taking to heart the suggestions in the December issue of Living. On page 4, Martha provides what she calls “gentle reminders”. I’ve read her tipping guide. I don’t have that many people to tip, although I do have to buy gifts for teachers, tutors, … Read more

First Aid Kit

Martha sent me an organizing tip of day about first aid kits. We have a first aid kit and I can’t tell you how many times it has saved the day. Not only do we have one in the bathroom, but I also keep a small one in each car. When we travel, I take … Read more

The Linen Closet Project

  Martha decided it was time to organize my linen closet. She was right. As you can see below, it was pretty messy. I sat down and read all her advice about linen closets on the web site. Some was simply not practical. If I had as much money as Martha does, I could probably … Read more