Check out my review of Martha Wrap, Martha’s new foil/parchment in one product.

Have You Ever Tried…Romanesco?

Romanesco is a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. I recently picked a head up at the grocery store. It’s shaped kind of weirdly, with the florets being sort of pointy. It’s a pale green color. I decided to cook it simply so I could understand the flavors. I cut it into florets and steamed it … Read more

New MarthaAndMe Products

Because I wanted one for myself, Mr. MarthaAndMe and the most wonderful Justin Chow, designer extraordinaire, designed a t-shirt on Cafepress that says “What Would Martha Do?” It’s got the little implements that are in the MarthaAndMe new logo (also designed by Justin) on it and it says MarthaAndMe on the back in smaller letters. … Read more

Trying Martha's Picks

When Martha Stewart Living changed its format in May, it began including a “Martha’s Pick” in the front of each issue, in the Apothecary section.  I’ve decided that as part of my Martha experience, I need to give these a try, even though honestly they are things I would probably never buy on my own. … Read more