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marine lotionWhen Martha Stewart Living changed its format in May, it began including a “Martha’s Pick” in the front of each issue, in the Apothecary section.  I’ve decided that as part of my Martha experience, I need to give these a try, even though honestly they are things I would probably never buy on my own. If they are things Martha personally highly recommends, I want to try them out in my life, to see if they make my life more Martha-like.

First up, Susan Ciminelli Marine Lotion, Martha’s Pick in August Martha Stewart Living. I bought the 2 ounce (yes only two) bottle. The magazine says it is $22. However, with the outrageous shipping and handling charge, this totaled $41.40. Eeek. For that price, it better give me the skin of a 6 month old.

I opened the bottle and my first reaction was that I didn’t like the scent. Martha says it “incorporates botanical ingredients – including algae oil, cypress, juniper, and marjoram.” I’m all for botanical ingredients, but this stuff really smells. To me, it almost smells like eucalyptus – kind of strong, somewhat minty smell.

I put some on and disliked the smell even more once it was on my skin. I also didn’t like the consistency of this – it’s a very thin liquid, almost like water, very easy to spill all over.

I rubbed the lotion in and it did make my skin feel smooth and even a day later I can tell where I applied it. However, I can’t get past the smell. I tend to be overly sensitive about smells, so I gave it to Teen Martha for her to try since she loves scented things. Her first reaction was “This reeks!” I’m a little more diplomatic and will say I just did not find the smell pleasing at all.  I think I’ll stick with my Cetaphil lotion!

More Martha Picks on the way in the coming weeks – I’ve ordered the May, June and Sept picks. Some are on back order.

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