Upgrading to Fabulousness

Posted by Brette in Home and Decorating | Life

My office needs a serious upgrade. I’m not talking about a new desk, chair, or storage. I’m even happy with the paint on the walls (plum). No, I am talking office supplies. I’ve had it with boring note pads, black staplers, silver paper clips, yellow post-its, and Bic pens (no offense Mr. Bic). However, I am finding it to be a bit challenging to find truly fun items. And by fun, I almost always mean polka dot. Or pink. Or purple. Something cheery and happy.  I found a polka dot accordion folder that I am in love with and some cute notebooks. But I need more, more, more.  I’ve scoured local stores.  Someone needs to start an online store that only sells super cute office supplies. There are some fun things at SeeJaneWork.com, but nothing I have to have. SortingWithStyle.com also has some cute things, but again, nothing I bought (their mod dots file folders did catch my eye).


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