Surprise Spoon

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gai spoonMy grandmother traveled to every continent except Antarctica (and I’ll bet if they had had the cruises they do now, she would have gone there as well). My grandmother was a collector. She collected Depression glass, cut crystal, milk glass, spoons from her travels, and dolls from her travels. The dolls have a special place in my heart and I hope to soon be posting about them. She left all of them to me and they have been in a cardboard box in my closet, waiting for a case to display them in (they’ll be waiting a bit longer as I haven’t found anything yet that is right). I recently decided to move them to a plastic storage box. When I did so, at the bottom of the doll box, there was a piece of tissue paper. I picked it up and it had some weight to it. I unwrapped it and found this spoon.

It’s a deep-bowled spoon, the kind used in Chinese restaurants for soup. I’m guessing she brought it back from Japan since that is the only country I know of that she visited where she might have gotten something like this. There are no markings on the back.

I was delighted to find one more gift from her after all these years. Moving the dolls had made me miss her terribly and this gave me one more link to her.  I’ll never know for certain where the spoon came from, but I’ll always cherish it.

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