Signature Colors for the Holidays

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Pink Christmas tree

Pink Christmas tree

Red and green definitely say Christmas, but do you have to stick with tradition? Absolutely not. In fact, choosing your own signature color for the holidays allows you to customize your decor and make it extremely personal and unique.

I come from a long line of customized Christmas color-themed households. My grandmother always had blue decorations, even in the 70s. My mom went with blue and silver for her own tree, so I grew up without a lot of the red and green that fills most households.

My mom bought me ornaments over the years as I was growing up and what I really liked was pink, so she went with it – and they looked fine on her blue and silver tree.  Pink stuck and when I had my own tree, I bought pink lights. Red looked ridiculous, so I avoided it. Fast forward 25 years and I have a house without red at Christmas. Most of my decorations are pink, blue, silver or gold. I have some cranberry colored items in the family room where they fit the decor. It’s become one of my signatures and I love adding to my collection.

There are so many colors that can work at Christmas. Purple is beautiful when paired with silver or gold and has a rich, regal feeling. Orange can be a fun color to work with and yellow is bright and welcoming. Brown offers a woodland motive. Black and white or black and silver could create an elegant decor. Don’t be held back by traditional notions of holiday colors – make the holiday your own!

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2 Responses

  • Pru says:

    Despite wanting to go with a sparkly theme this year of white, silver and gold we are going traditional with red and gold this year – we already had a lot of those decorations. I like to mix it up though and last year we had pink and purple which was a fun change.

    Brette, your tree looks wonderful.

  • Brette says:

    Red and gold is pretty and the purple and pink is right up my alley! It’s hard to start all over – you really have to sort of gradually add things I find.