Martha's Pick: Fekkai Shampoo

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fekkaiI finally was able to try Martha’s Pick from May Martha Stewart Living – Frederic Fekkai’s Ageless Rejuvenating Shampoo.  I was excited to try this since it is a name I’ve heard and I think Fekkai does (or maybe did?) Martha’s hair. It sounded like a real “product of the stars”! This was on back order so I waited a while to get it. I paid $35 for 7 ounces, plus shipping. Eek.

The shampoo smells nice and has a nice consistency and feel. It lathers really, really well.  I used this for a week. And I wasn’t impressed. My hair was limp. Now, I have very curly hair and I do not straighten it. I like my hair with body and curl. This shampoo made it look sad and stringy. Definitely not for me. I can’t say how someone with straight or wavy hair would like it. All I can tell you is it’s not something I’m interested in shelling out for. So far Martha’s picks are not impressing me! I’ve tried four. I only really liked one, but it was overpriced.

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