How Not to Fold a T-Shirt

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I recently got one of Martha’s daily emails, this one offering to teach me how to fold a t-shirt. I do not have a very good track record with folding. You might remember when Martha tried to teach me how to fold a fitted sheet and it did not go well. But a t-shirt? How hard could it be really? I usually fold t-shirts so that the sleeves match up then fold the body in half.  When I put my t-shirts away in the drawers in our closet, I roll them and stand them up in the drawer (another Martha lesson).

tshirt1I’m always happy to learn another Martha method though, so I was game. I printed out the instructions and got to work with my t-shirt.

The instructions are short. First you lay the shirt out with the neck to your right. Ok, that I can do. The next step says to pinch the shirt at two places – between the collar and the sleeve and then halfway down the shirt in line with the other hand. I think I did that. Then you are supposed to lift it up and cross your arms so the shoulder meets the bottom hem. I did that. You unfold your arms and hold the fold taut. Then you let the

Attempt #1

Attempt #1

other sleeve touch the ground and lay the shirt on it.  I ended up with a crumpled mess.

I tried again and again and I could not make this work. I am technically challenged though. When I was in third grade, I got a tissue paper flower making kit. I went through every piece of tissue paper in that kit

Attempt #2

Attempt #2

and did not come out with a single flower. Not one.  So, clearly I have limitations.  Can you make these instructions work? I would love to hear about it!

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3 Responses

  • Hi Brette,

    It took a while but it does work. I find it best to do it quickly. If you hold half way down the t-shirt and at the bottom and then grab the top of the t-shirt it ends up a little bit twisted but you pull it through and the t-shirt folds perfectly. I still prefer using a chopping board but Martha’s way is definently quicker.

  • I can fold t-shirts the way they’re usually folded when they’re on display in a store – I think it’s because I worked at a store that sold clothing when I was a teen and that was one of my jobs: folding and refolding (and refolding …) the t-shirts and sweaters. I don’t normally fold them like that, though. I normally just fold them in half, tuck in the sleeves, then fold them in half again. It works for me – plus, it’s quicker!