Holiday Decorations from Leftovers

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SnowflakeDish2I love to decorate for the holidays, but I love it even more when it costs me absolutely nothing. One trick I’ve hit upon is to take tree ornaments and display them in other ways to create more decorations throughout the house.

I used to decorate with a winter theme after Christmas, but I soon decided it didn’t give me enough time for my Valentine’s decorations, so I stopped. All the winter decorations got put away in a box. Some of those decorations were originally snowflake Christmas ornaments. This year I found the box and rediscovered these ornaments. A few of the ornaments (handmade lace snowflakes made by my grandmother) went on my tree, but I had a collection of blue and silver snowflakes left.

I pulled out this dish I inherited from my grandmother. I love it because it is so unique, but it is often hard to find the right items to display in it. I played around with the snowflakes then remembered I had a bag of fake snow that came with a Christmas village item someone bought me. I dumped in the snow, arranged the snowflakes to stand up in it, and suddenly I had a beautiful new decoration that didn’t cost me a dime.

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