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csa flowersOur CSA (Root Down Farm) started pick up in June and I’ve been bringing home lots of wonderful veggies. Today was the first day the u-pick section was open and I brought home my first flowers of the year. Aren’t they beautiful?

The CSA moved its pickup and U-pick location this year and they are right down the street from the family farm. My family farm that is. My great-grandfather was a farmer. My grandfather and his brother took over the business and turned it into a successful greenhouse business, which is now run by my uncle.  The CSA is on land that was owned by a neighboring farm/greenhouse family. It’s kind of funny for me to go there, so close to where I spent so much time as a child. The home my great-grandparents lived in, where my grandfather was born and where my grandparents and my mother lived is a stone’s throw down the street from the CSA pick up. It’s kind of nice to be back in the neighborhood, noodling around in the fields, picking flowers like I used to do with my grandmother.

We’ve had many delicious CSA items this year. I’m loving the peas most of all. I love to eat them raw, out of the shell for lunch. We’ve had lots of garlic scapes so I’ve been making lots of sauces and pestos and freezing much of it. I bring home lots of greens to feed my son’s tortoise (kale and collard greens). Zucchini, cucumbers,  and squash are wonderful. For a few weeks there were radishes and salad turnips, which I am not a fan of. Napa cabbage has been coming home the past two weeks so I think I’ve got to make some sweet and sour cabbage with it or maybe a stir fry. And there is always plenty of lettuce and salad greens. This week’s newest item is purslane, which I’ve never cooked with. I think I might make some soup with it.

I love going each week and being surprised by what’s there.

While I was in the U-pick field today I also picked a bunch of basil (in the front in my photo) since someone is nibbling on mine in my herb garden! My parsley has also completely disappeared. I suspect the rabbits have been at work.

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