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Ornaments don’t have to be just for trees!

I have a lot of ornaments. Over the years, I’ve come up with some ideas for ways to display them. A tree is the obvious choice, but I’m maxed out on trees! I’ve got our main tree in the living room which holds all of my special ornaments. The family room is the kids’ tree – each has their own ornament collection. The kitchen has a skinny tree with my food and cooking ornaments. And my office has a skinny tree with my book ornaments. No more room for trees at my house, so I’ve had to come up with some other ways to use my ornaments.

When we got married, we bought boxes of pink ball ornaments in different sizes to fill in the tree. I now have so many ornaments I don’t have space for those. I keep those in a basket in the living room, in front of the fireplace. I spray painted a basket gold and tied some pink ribbon and artificial flowers on it to dress it up. I also have a few pink and white ornaments I like to display in a small footed bowl in my dining room.

When my grandmother passed away, I inherited a lot of her ornaments. Her tree was blue, so her ornaments don’t match the color scheme of my main tree or living room, but blue works well in my family room, so I’ve got some displayed in a bowl on a table there. This year I also put some in a lidded glass dish that was hers (I managed to break one in the process of trying to get it full but get the lid to fit!). She also had some old pink ornaments that I’ve placed in a hurricane vase.

I like to hang ornaments in windows, so I’ve got blue star ornaments above the kitchen sink and 12 Days of Christmas ornaments in the eating area windows.

We added some garland to the light fixture above the kitchen table and hung some ornaments there as well.

This year we also created some chair decorations for the kitchen and used some ornaments there.

Ornaments can also be added to wreaths, garland, candle rings, stockings, or just strewn down the middle of a table.

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