Cedar Chest Update

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chestIf you’ve been following along with me, you might remember I inherited various items from my grandmother after she passed away. One item was an old cedar chest we found in her basement. It was in pretty bad shape, but from what little I found out about it, I thought it might have been a chest she was given when she married.  You can read about it here. I decided to have it refinished. I know Martha would do it herself, but this needed a lot of careful work. Fortunately a family member knew someone to recommend and I sent it off, with fingers crossed.

chest1Here are the results.chest2 Pretty great, right? It’s an interesting height for a chest also – it fits perfectly underneath a window, but it too high for someone to sit on as a bench. I think it’s gorgeous. I haven’t decided where its final place will be – under a window or maybe in the dining room.

Here’s a funny thing – the company that made the chest was named Caswell Runyon and the man who refinished it has the first name Caswell. Weird, right? Anyway, he did an amazing, amazing job – even kept the old newspapers that were inside it in case I wanted them.

I loved inheriting items from her home that I knew and loved, but finding things in her basement I never knew about was exciting and intriguing. I treasure all of them.

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