Cedar Chest Mystery

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chestOne of the items I inherited from my grandmother is an old cedar chest. We found it in her basement, covered in cobwebs.  It got my attention because it is on legs. As you can see, there is a piece broken off (but we have it, so it can be repaired).

When I got it home I opened it up to really investigate. I was completely stunned to see the original paperwork still attached to the inside of the lid. This is a Caswell-Runyan Treasure Chest made of red cedar. A little Googling led to me to discover this was a company founded by two women that was popular in the 1930s (my grandparents married in 1933 so this makes sense). The chest doesn’t have a patent number I can see (there may be one on the bottom, but I haven’t crawled under there yet).

I really like the design of this chest a lot and would like to have it refinished.  Martha would know how to do it herself, but this is so old and in need of so much work that I need to find a professional.

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  • Mary Lou Goshe says:

    I have one very similar to that we bought at an estate sale, the front is slightly different, I too am looking for the origin of this chest. The bottom was lined with newspapers from 1956, but I haven’t found any kind of markings that will tell me where it came from.