An Ice Cream Scoop Collection

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ice cream scoopOne of the hottest tickets in Naples Florida these days is The Royal Scoop, a local ice cream shop that now has two locations, but the homemade ice cream is also sold in shops and restaurants around the area. We stopped in to try the ice cream recently. I’ve never seen such an operation! You wait in line to order. Then, like a fast food restaurant, your order is put into their system and you’re shuffled off to wait at another counter for your order. It didn’t feel very efficient and several orders seemed to be coming out wrong as we waited (and waited). The line was gigantic and the place felt like it needed a good scrub down. The ice cream was good, but it wasn’t worth the wait.

However, while we waited, I found myself enchanted with their display of ice cream scoops. Some were quite old while others were whimsical and fun. It got me thinking about how interesting it would be to collection one type of kitchen tool and display it. I do have one grandmother’s rolling pin displayed in my kitchen and the other grandmother’s tin liquid measuring cup, but it might be fun to expand those collections. At one time I had a display of antique cookie cutters on a wall in the kitchen at our old house. It was a nice display and an inexpensive collection to add to (you can pick up old cookie cutters at flea markets).

Do you have any kitchen tool collections?

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