Alaskan Basket

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Basket_ShellsAroundThis week’s basket is from Juneau, Alaska. Juneau was a port on our Alaskan cruise. It was a very foggy day there and the helicopter ride to the glacier where we were going to ride dog sleds was cancelled. This was pretty crushing, but we saved the day by instead booking a visit to a dogsled camp (not on the glacier) where we got to see (and pet!) the dogs and ride in one of their practice sleds (what looked and felt like a huge armor-plated golf cart). We had a wonderful time, particularly when we got to hold puppies. The day was saved, and I also had time for some shopping. I found this basket in a shop in a little side street. In the middle of the basket is carved whale bone inset with blue beads. There are glass beads attached with rawhide at four spots around the outside of the basket. Unfortunately the little tag that describes the material used to create the basket has gone missing, but it was crafted by Native Americans in the area. I really like the pattern used to create this basket.

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