A New Display

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blue glassToday I did my changeover from St. Patrick’s Day decorations to Easter and decided it was time to move some other things around. Although I have a collection of antique blue glass that was my grandmother’s, it is the absolute wrong color on this runner, so instead, I went shopping in my house (which is always fun – trying to see the things you own in a new way) and pulled together different blue pieces for this display. The little blue pieces in the front sides are called Caprice glass: this is my new obsession. I love the color and the swirls in the pattern. The blue cake plate on the left was a gift from my daughter a few years ago. She found it at an antique shop. I just bought the stacked blue cake plates at TJ Maxx for a song. The vase with the squares is from Murano, Italy. The hydrangea plate is from Capri, Italy. The turquoise vase is from Bath, England. The runner is from Sorrento, Italy. I’m not sure where the blue round vase in the front came from – that was a gift.

I’m still looking for a paint color to replace the pink in this room. I hate it. But I can’t find anything that’s right.

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