25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 12

Posted by Brette in Home and Decorating

xmas tree vehicleAs I explained in an earlier post, my daughter moved out this summer, taking her collection of animal ornaments with her. My son has vehicle ornaments and we always displayed them together on axmas tree vehicle2 xmas tree vehicle3big tree in the family room. We made a change from the big tree to two small skinny trees this year and his ornaments fit nicely on the bigger of the two trees. At this point, I like his xmas tree vehicle4collection more than he does – what can you expect from a teenager? The ones I like the most have to do with trips we took – a gondola from Venice, a xmas tree vehicle5houseboat from our houseboating trip, a streetcar from San Francisco, the cruise ship we went to Alaska on, and a London cab. If he admitted to liking any, it would probably be the Oscar Meyer weinermobile (which plays the song) and the sports cars.

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2 Responses

  • Belle Wong says:

    I’ve seen the Oscar Meyer ornament on Instagram – so cute! Our cats have already ruined our tree. I’m pretty sure what they would do if we had a second tree.

  • Brette says:

    I love the Oscar Meyer one. He also has a Star Trek one that talks when you plug the tree in each time. I can’t imagine having cats destroying a tree. It would make me nuts.