25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 11

Posted by Brette in Home and Decorating

xmas tree gumdropThe gumdrop tree is a tradition in our house.  It sits next to the gingerbread house we make each year. My kids loved it when they were younger. There’s someone else in our house who loves it also – our dog Percy. I used to put this on a side table in the family room. Then one day I caught Percy helping himself to the gumdrops. We moved it to a shelf in the family room. He promptly demonstrated he could stand up and reach it. It now goes on the top shelf, but he hasn’t forgotten about this wonderful treat. This year, I was standing in the kitchen putting the gumdrops on. Suddenly he leapt up and ran over – he either smelled it or recognized the sound. This will forever be Percy’s tree in my mind.

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