25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 1

Posted by Brette in Home and Decorating

xmas tree iceWelcome to the 25 Days of Christmas Trees! I’m celebrating this year by sharing a tree a day (ok sometimes more than one a day), each day in December until Christmas. I’m embarrassed to admit I have more than 25 trees in my house. Most of them are tiny, but still…. Because of this my husband says he is a Christmas lumberjack. It turns out that I just love trees. So I’ve decided to simply embrace it. And now I’m sharing my wonderful madness with you.

Today’s tree is a new addition. I am crazy about this ice tree, which I found at a local nursery. It’s on the table in our front hall. I found some fabric at JoAnn that is white with metallic sparkles on it to go underneath it since it has an ugly black base. It does double duty as a night light in the hall.

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