My Dishwasher Unloading Hack

I despise unloading the dishwasher. I don’t mind loading it because doing so makes my kitchen look cleaner. But unloading it is so tedious. My mom gets up and unloads hers first thing in the morning. I can’t face that. I wait until it’s time to make dinner then I kick myself for not doing … Read more

Frugality in the Fridge

Two things that are always rattling around my fridge are open containers of chicken/beef/veggie broth and opened jars of spaghetti sauce. I tend to use some and then the rest hang out in there for God knows how long. When I go to grab an open container of these items I never know how old … Read more

Freezer Organization

I’m lucky in that I have an large upright freezer in the basement in addition to the side-by-side fridge in the kitchen with a freezer side. I keep most long-term things in the basement. I use the upstairs mostly for breakfast things, ice packs, nuts, and vegetables. It doesn’t sound like much, but lately it … Read more

Getting your pantry/food storage organized can be a challenge. Sometimes it’s just a matter of purging and moving things around. But honestly, for most of us, it’s about making better use of the space. And that means you need to invest in a couple of inexpensive products to make it easier to see and store … Read more

More Kitchen Organizing: Gluten Cleanse

I’ve been bit hard by the New Year organizing bug and the kitchen was what was begging for attention this past weekend. I happen to have written a kitchen organizing book, so I have a little bit of experience in this area! The pantry is the hardest place in my house to keep orderly. We … Read more

Kitchen Organizing

My book, The Organized Kitchen has just been released and as it happens, January is National Get Organized Month. Here are a few tips to help get your kitchen organized for the new year! Tackle one drawer, cupboard or shelf a day to make progress. Completely reorganizing your entire kitchen is an overwhelming task, but … Read more

Just Had to Share

My next book, The Organized Kitchen, is now listed on Amazon (for pre-order) and I got to see the cover for the first time! I think it’s a pretty Martha-worthy title. And my years as an unofficial Martha apprentice definitely taught me a lot and helped me write this book. I’ll be talking more about … Read more

Just Had to Share

I just had to share my excitement. My book, The Organized Kitchen, is now listed on Amazon (for pre-order – it comes out in Jan, perfect for New Year’s resolutions). I was excited to get to see the cover at last and see it up on Amazon! The book is all about making your life … Read more