The Grandmother Project: Christmas Version

At this point, dear reader, you must be scratching your head and thinking “What else could she have inherited from her grandmother? Her house must be full!” But, as I’ve been doing since my grandmother passed away in May, I continue to find ways to use, display, and enjoy her belongings with some inspiration from … Read more

The Grandmother Project Continues

As I’ve written before, my grandmother passed away this year (6 months ago now) – and clearly since I keep writing about it, it had a huge impact on me. Since she left us, I’ve been working through what to do with the many things I inherited from her. For a lot of them, I’ve … Read more

Another Installment of the Grandmother Project

Since my grandmother passed away in May, I’ve been sorting through the things I inherited and looking for ways to use and enjoy them in as Martha a way as possible. I have a lot her costume jewelry, including clip on earrings. I took 7 pairs of earrings to the jeweler, including the 5 pairs … Read more

Hawaiian Quilts

I love the piece in August Martha Stewart Living about Hawaiian quilt-inspired designs. We went to Hawaii last summer and I brought home a quilt and a quilted throw pillow cover. The quilt is the breadfruit pattern. It hangs on a quilt rack with a quilt from my grandmother.  I bought it at an amazing … Read more

Cedar Chest Mystery

One of the items I inherited from my grandmother is an old cedar chest. We found it in her basement, covered in cobwebs.  It got my attention because it is on legs. As you can see, there is a piece broken off (but we have it, so it can be repaired). When I got it … Read more

The Basket Project

I’m continuing to work through what I call the Grandmother Project, as I seek out ways to use, preserve, and enjoy the special items I inherited when my 99 year old grandmother passed. Two items that came home with me were baskets. The first is a very old two-handled, hinged picnic basket. My mom remembers … Read more

An Interesting Collection

Something very cool that I inherited from my grandmother is a set of crystal butter knife rests. Unfortunately, there are only 3, so maybe someday I will run across some others to buy. I don’t know why I am so fascinated with these, but they strike me as charmingly old fashioned. It must have been … Read more

The Grandmother Project

As some of you might recall, my 99 year old grandmother passed away at the beginning of May. I was very close to her and although her passing was not unexpected given her age, it was still hard. My grandmother was a collector, but a selective and tasteful collector. In the past month or so … Read more

A Teacup Collection

This is my Christmas teacup collection. When I was a child, each year my grandmother gave me one for my birthday. You can imagine how I felt as an 8 year old, opening a china teacup. But now I’m glad I have the collection. Some of them have been broken and glued back together. I … Read more

Tree Toppers

In the post-Christmas shopping madness, I came across these: They were clearance priced and then 50% off the clearance price, so I think I walked away with all of this for under $15.  The green trees in the front are glass which is painted on the inside with sparkly stuff. Next year, I want to … Read more