St. Patrick's Day Tree

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St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. The decorations are green, which make me feel as though spring really will arrive soon! I love the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal (I”ll be making Martha’s version later this month).

st-pat-treeI decorate my all season tree for St. Pat’s day and I think this might be my favorite tree of all the seasons and holidays. I have enough ornaments to fill the tree and I actually like all of them.  The little flat green shamrocks are wooden and Mr. MarthaAndMe drilled holes in them so I could hang them. Do you see the little shamrocks that are white on the inside with a green edge? I’ve had those a long time. They are made of sugar! They’re meant to be cake decorations. We glued two of them, back to back, with a piece of white thread through them so I could hang them.

I love the castle, the leprchaun hats, the Celtic knots, the harps, and the green marble shamrock from Connemara. Erin Go Brach!

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