Martha Mondays Group

Please join us! Martha Mondays is a group of bloggers, Martha fans, home cooks, and crafters, who have joined together to cook or craft Martha projects together. We take turns choosing a recipe or project each week. I post the project for the coming week, usually on a Tuesday. We all make the project and post our results on Monday to compare results.

If you would like to join, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can start playing along right away – cooking or crafting with us. If you do a project, I ask that you leave a comment on my post about it so everyone can see who did it and where their results are. If you would like, I will add you to the Martha Mondays blogroll and you will have a turn choosing a project. You can pick any Martha recipe or project you like, as long as you can either point everyone to it online, or provide it from a magazine or book you have.

Please note that anyone is welcome to join, but I reserve the right to remove members who are rude, negative, or offensive, at my discretion. Similarly, I will remove or delete comments I find inappropriate.

You are welcome to use the Martha Mondays logo on your posts. We’d love to have you join!