Bud Vases

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bud-vasesMartha has a gorgeous two page piece on bud vases in February Martha Stewart Living. This inspired me to get my bud vases together. Now, I have been known to exclaim, “I need another vase like I need a hole in the head,” so I was surprised to find I only had 5 bud vases. The crystal one was a gift from my aunt from a trip to Europe (Austria maybe?). The blue one was bought at a shop at Union Station in Washington, DC. The two cranberry ones were Christmas gifts – and very much appreciated (thanks Mom) since I want to expand my collection of cranberry glass. The one on the left with the clear glass collar around it may be my most favorite vase out of all that I own.

I loved Martha’s photo of vases – are they really all cranberry glass or is it just the lighting, I wonder?

I don’t use my bud vases as often as I should. I have to admit I have a hard time cutting flowers. They die so quickly and if you leave them on the plant they last for so much longer and you are able to enjoy them for longer.  It’s nice to think about flowers growing as I look out my window and see snow, snow, snow everywhere!

It’s the Superbowl today folks! Martha and I are heading into the kitchen to whip up some snacks! I’ll be posting results tomorrow and this week.

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