25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 8

Posted by Brette in Home and Decorating

xmas tree featherI’m enjoying taking you on this tour of my trees. Today’s trees are feather trees. I bought these years ago and they have had some adventures. The little tree is a favorite of our dogs. It has been snatched several times. They are, after all, bird dogs (golden retrievers) so I can’t be mad at them for doing what comes naturally. I’ve always managed to rescue it. The big tree is starting to look a little not so pristine at the bottom and I’m debating what to do. If I get the feathers wet I don’t know if they will ever look the same. I don’t think I could replace them. I could gather some material or fake snow around the bottom to conceal it. That’s a problem for next year I guess. I do love these trees and think they are so unique. They are part of the dining room forest as well.

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