25 Days of Christmas Trees Day 22

Posted by Brette in Home and Decorating

xmas tree kitchen1My kitchen tree is 100% fun for me. It all started when we were in Montreal. I saw a fondue pot ornament and it hit me how great it would be to have a kitchen tree. The fondue was meaningful xmas tree kitchen2because we always had fondue on New Year’s Eve. So I bought the ornament and then we bought the tree for it to go on! I’ve added to my xmas tree kitchen3collection over the years. The ornaments are all food or cooking equipment and I have so enjoyed xmas tree kitchen4collecting them. I have a chicken wing (we are in Buffalo!), vegetables, fruits, sandwiches, a lobster dinner, a cupcake, and even some Chinese food. A few of the ornaments were bought in Europe. At souvenir stores in many countries they sell magnets of foods of the regions. My husband rigs these magnets up with hooks so they can go on our tree. I xmas tree kitchen5have pots, pans, rolling pin, utensils, toaster, mixer, blender, colander, pitcher and many more kitchen items. I think the tree satisfies my childhood desire for a dollhouse – with all those wonderful miniatures!

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