When my daughter and I traveled to St. Martin, we went to Tijon Perfumery, the only place in the Caribbean where you can make your own fragrance. It was an amazing day where we learned so much. You can read all about it on GoGirlfriend where I described our day and shared some photos. I … Read more

Flowers of St. Martin

Some of the beautiful blooms I found within our resort on St. Martin.    

Travel Treasures from St. Martin

I love to visit new places to experience the culture, soak up the scenery, enjoy the food, and immerse myself in a different life. But let’s be honest here, the thing that gets me the most excited is the shopping (to the dismay of my teenage son). Caribbean islands are tough nuts to crack when … Read more

Hotel Review: Radisson Blu, St. Martin

My daughter and I just returned from a relaxing girls’ getaway in St. Martin for 5 days. It’s a lovely place and I’ll be posting more about the island, what to do and where to eat in later posts (not to mention the shopping!). First things first though is the hotel. And I have a … Read more