Cheater Clam Chowder

I spent summers in Maine as a child where clam chowder was a staple of our lives. I still love to make it, but it’s a tough one because it does not freeze well, so I have to make the right amount so that there won’t be more leftovers than we can eat. I recently … Read more

Minestrone Soup

Posted by Brette in Food
Minestrone Soup

Minstrone soup is my latest creation in my soup extravaganza. I love the way this smells – like a full meal. This makes a wonderfully thick soup that is very filling. I used fresh beans, but you could use frozen without a problem. 4.7 from 3 reviews Minestrone Soup   Print Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive … Read more

Mushroom, Kale, and Rice Soup

It is definitely soup season, but at my house I’m making soup several times a week to feed my father-in-law (a true soup fan) while my mother-in-law is in rehab for a nasty fall. I’m making big batches, so we can have some dinner, I can send some home with him, and I have some … Read more