Leftovers: Bahamian Peas and Rice

If you go to Nassau, you’ll want to be sure to visit Arawak Cay, just outside town, a little group of restaurants also called The Fish Fry. Here you’ll experience native Bahamian food, including fried fish and conch and peas and rice. If you’ve never had peas and rice, it’s not what it sounds like. … Read more

Salmon with Garlic Scape Rice Crust

I came home with more garlic scapes from the CSA. I’m trying to make something fresh with them and also freeze some as pesto so I will have a stash for the winter as well. This week I had some leftover rice hanging out in the fridge, so I decided to combine that with the … Read more

Easy Greek Salmon

Recently I found myself rummaging around for something to make for dinner. I had some salmon fillets to use, but plain grilled salmon didn’t sound exciting. I did have about 1 cup of cooked rice (not enough to serve, but I didn’t want to throw it out) and some feta cheese. So I combined the … Read more

Leftovers: Leftover Veggies Make Fried Rice

Fried rice is my great go-to dish for lots of different leftovers. Small amounts of cooked leftover veggies can be used up in this dish as well as unused raw veggies that are lingering in your fridge. You can also add  leftover meat as well as shrimp. It’s a very forgiving dish. Here’s my recipe … Read more

Leftover Ham + Rice = Yummy Casserole

I make ham twice a year. Christmas Eve and Easter. I’m not sure why, except it’s kind of a novelty, smells good, and it does taste great, especially when I baste with pineapple juice and make a brown sugar and Dijon mustard coating! But the end result is I have tons of ham haunting me … Read more