Holiday Decorations from Leftovers

I love to decorate for the holidays, but I love it even more when it costs me absolutely nothing. One trick I’ve hit upon is to take tree ornaments and display them in other ways to create more decorations throughout the house. I used to decorate with a winter theme after Christmas, but I soon … Read more

Holiday Chair Decorations

A couple of years ago I fell in love with decorating kitchen or dining room chairs after I saw it done at a holiday tour of homes. What a fun way to add some more decorations, I thought. My husband thought it was not as exciting, since I needed his help to make it happen. … Read more

Signature Colors for the Holidays

Red and green definitely say Christmas, but do you have to stick with tradition? Absolutely not. In fact, choosing your own signature color for the holidays allows you to customize your decor and make it extremely personal and unique. I come from a long line of customized Christmas color-themed households. My grandmother always had blue … Read more

Decorating with Cake Pedestals

I have a box of my grandmother’s old blue Christmas ornaments. For years, I’ve been displaying them in a bowl, but this year I decided to use cake pedestals. They create much more drama, and you get to see more of the ornaments. Clear pedestals will work with any ornaments, but I happened to have … Read more

Updating My Christmas Collections

In addition to the new decorations, which I shared earlier, my existing collections have undergone some changes, mostly because last year I received some new items for them as gifts and did not display them until this year. In case you haven’t gotten the hint, I’ve got a thing for trees, and I’ve also got … Read more

New Holiday Decorations

I’ve added a few new decorations this year that I’m excited to share! While we were staying on Amelia Island, FL this past winter, we bought this gorgeous blue glass tree. Here’s the dirty little secret: it is made out of a gin bottle! The artist was minding the store when we went in and … Read more

Tree Decorating

We always put our holiday decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was really looking forward to it this since I have been slowly replacing old ugly decorations with new ones I like, so I finally feel as though it’s looking nice around here. Of course I was overly optimistic. We put up the tree … Read more