A Little More From the Garden

Now that it has cooled off and we’ve gotten some rain, my garden is looking better than ever.  The only failure is the day lilies. There is a whole line of them, but they are under some pine trees. Our peonies were there also and last year I performed a rescue mission to move them … Read more

In Bloom

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Despite the heat wave, parts of my garden are thriving and I wanted to share them. How is your garden faring?  

What’s New in the Garden

Two pieces of exciting news in our garden. The rose bush we planted flowered and looks great. And (drumroll please!) our apple trees have little tiny apples on them! This was simply thrilling for me!

Gardening Weekend

Once a year we have a gardening weekend, when the beds get cleaned up, mulched and each year I plant some new things. I have about a 75% success rate it seems, but I keep trying. The butterfly bush I planted last year didn’t make it. Some flowers didn’t make it and the deer were … Read more

Gardening Update

We (ok, my husband) has been working hard at keeping our gardens from getting away from us. We are determined not to let weeds get the better of us this year. A big problem has been how dry it has been. We have not had any real rain for weeks. We’ll get thunderstorms rolling through, … Read more

News at the CSA

We joined a CSA this year so we could get local, organic vegetables. So far it has been spectacular. I am rarely able to use it all up in one week. We’ve enjoyed many types of greens (tat soi, vitamin greens, arugula, spinach, kale), lots of lettuce, cukes, kohlrabi, squash, broccoli, scallions, chard, turnips, and … Read more

Gardening in My Basement

If you’ve been following along, you might remember The Great Garden Debacle of 2009. Martha convinced me I needed to garden. I started seeds inside and planted them and had them all wiped out by frost. Then I bought some plants and had an invasion of creatures and ended up not getting much out of … Read more

Starting Over

Last weekend we planted the seedlings I had been growing in the house for over a month. And immediately we had a serious frost. Almost everything died.  I know Martha has all sorts of frost-prevention items – little paper hats she puts over things, etc. If I had known it was going to have  a … Read more

Gardening update

I’ve committed to spending more time on the gardens this year – flower and vegetable. Here is a before photo of a horrible disaster of a flower garden that has become overrun with weeds. It was just out of control. Now, I am sure Martha would be able to give me exact instructions about how … Read more