Why Bookmarks Are the Perfect Souvenir

There are quite a few things I look to buy when traveling, but an item that I often recommend to anyone looking to start a souvenir collection is the bookmark. I have over 80 bookmarks I’ve collected in my travels, and I hope to add more with future trips. So what makes the bookmark the … Read more

A Collection Is Born

I’m guilty of having several collections and I just decided to start a new one (shhh – don’t tell my husband!). If you’re a collector, you probably have some interesting stories about how your collections started. Some collections are inherited. That’s how I became interested in Depression glass. My grandmother collected it and I inherited … Read more

A New Christmas Collection

My daughter and I have started the tradition of taking one of those holiday tours of homes each year. Last year I came home with many decorating ideas and I waited a whole year to implement them! One thing I saw in several homes were themed collections on shelves in kitchens, made into little vignettes. … Read more

Maine Bookmark

Today’s bookmark is from Maine. You’ve probably seen bracelets made with this sailor’s knot technique (I had one as a child). This bookmark is special to me because it reminds me of Captain Bob Smith. For most of my childhood, my family rented a cottage on Smith Cove (near Blue Hill), Maine for two weeks … Read more

Bookmark Collection

One of my travel collections is bookmarks. They are wonderful to collect because bookmarks are sold in almost any destination and they are small, light, and inexpensive, making them easy to transport home and easy on the wallet. Bookmarks have been around as long as there have been books. Medieval book readers used them and … Read more

Sweetgrass Basket

So many of you liked my post about my lightship baskets that I thought I would share another basket in my collection. This is called a sweetgrass basket and it is from South Carolina. Charleston is considered the home for this particular type of craft. Sweetgrass baskets were a skill brought to this country by … Read more

Collection Re-Use

When I was a child, I had a charm bracelet. It was so fun to add charms to the bracelet. My parents gave me charms for special occasions or as gifts. I loved it. It hibernated in the bottom of my jewelry case when I got older. When I had a daughter, I contemplated giving … Read more

Collector’s Corner: My First Sheep

I’m starting a new feature here at Putting It All on the Table. Occasionally I will feature an item I have collected and share something about it.  In a way, collections are like memories made 3D for me. I have so many stories and memories with everything I’ve collected. It’s time to start sharing them. … Read more

Junk Shopping

Every summer my mom and I visit a shop called Crossroads Country Antiques, in Lima, New York, at the western edge of the Finger Lakes. It’s an old church that’s being used as a shop. It’s divided up into little cubbies or sections for different sellers. The place is filled with just about everything you … Read more

White After Labor Day

When I put away the Easter decorations, it was time to do some rearranging. I get tired of always having things in the same place and in the same arrangement. When I’m bored, I go shopping around my house to see what kind of collection I can put together. This time I decided to pull … Read more