Venetian Bookmark

Last week I talked about how my bookmark collection started and shared my Alaska bear bookmark. I thought I would share another beautiful bookmark. This one is from Venice. Venice is one of my all-time favorite destinations, so it is special to me for that reason. The scene (of the Grand Canal) is hand-painted on … Read more

Bookmark Collection

One of my travel collections is bookmarks. They are wonderful to collect because bookmarks are sold in almost any destination and they are small, light, and inexpensive, making them easy to transport home and easy on the wallet. Bookmarks have been around as long as there have been books. Medieval book readers used them and … Read more

Curating Collections

Having a collection is not just about finding, buying, or creating stuff (the thrill of the hunt). It’s also about arranging, protecting, and thoughtfully caring for the collection. If something is important enough to spend your time seeking out and buying, then you have to be prepared to devote some time to caring for it … Read more