Hotel Review: Kyoto Ritz Carlton

On our recent trip to Asia we stayed exclusively at Ritz Carlton properties, which provided an excellent point of comparison between them. Kyoto was my favorite. One brief note about the Ritz hotels in general before I share details about the Kyoto property. We were traveling as a party of three (myself, my husband, and … Read more

One Thing Leads to Another

Sometimes it is astounding how one small oversight can simply snowball. When we had our above ground pool opened at the beginning of the summer, the pool guy first did all of his work THEN had me come outside to show me that the outer shell of the pool has rusted in one spot and … Read more

Worst Trips Ever

Do you have nightmare vacation stories? Places you’ve been where you would never return? Trips that went so bad you just wanted to get home as fast as possible? I have a few disasters in my past. 1. Aruba. This trip might have been our biggest disaster. We had a 5 day trip planned, which … Read more

11 Crazy Quirky Things About Japan

While there are magnificent and amazing things about Japan, I find that after our recent trip there, the things I keep thinking about are the small, little things that somehow add up to a huge cultural difference. 1. Plastic food. People in Japan are obsessed with plastic food. Many, many restaurants display plastic models of … Read more

Rice Pudding Bar

Looking for a fun new dessert option for your next party? Try a rice pudding bar. This is more interesting than a make your own sundae bar, but requires very little extra work. For the rice pudding (serves 8): 7 cups whole milk 1 cup arborio rice 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/3 cup sugar Add … Read more

Hotel Review: Villa Beach Cottages, St. Lucia

We’ve always stayed at big resorts when visiting the Caribbean. When planning our trip to St. Lucia, I wasn’t satisfied with the options. The nicer resorts are to the south, near the Pitons, but far away from a lot of the restaurants and attractions up north. Many of the resorts on this island do not … Read more

On Puppy Time

Posted by Brette in Life
On Puppy Time

I haven’t been posting a lot lately because of this gorgeous little face. Our beautiful boy Percy left us on Easter. Within a couple of weeks, we brought home Pellinore (Pelly) who is the sweetest girl in the world. However, it’s been a bit challenging. She came home at 8 weeks and was not sleeping … Read more

Where to Shop in St. Lucia

I’ve been to six Caribbean islands (not counting the Keys) and St. Lucia is coming in at number two on my best shopping list. There isn’t a lot of shopping on the island, but what there is, is excellent. If you can tear yourself away from the baby soft sand on the beaches, the glorious … Read more

Why Bookmarks Are the Perfect Souvenir

There are quite a few things I look to buy when traveling, but an item that I often recommend to anyone looking to start a souvenir collection is the bookmark. I have over 80 bookmarks I’ve collected in my travels, and I hope to add more with future trips. So what makes the bookmark the … Read more

My Dishwasher Unloading Hack

I despise unloading the dishwasher. I don’t mind loading it because doing so makes my kitchen look cleaner. But unloading it is so tedious. My mom gets up and unloads hers first thing in the morning. I can’t face that. I wait until it’s time to make dinner then I kick myself for not doing … Read more