Master Chef or Novice Cook?

Ok, so this quiz on Martha’s site caught my eye. Am I a master chef or a novice cook? Yikes! That sounds like a challenge (or a throwdown as Bobby Flay would say – have I mentioned I don’t like Bobby Flay’s antagonistic attitude?). I like to cook, but mostly I make it up as … Read more

Light Chicken Parmesan

It was a Monday night and I needed something quick and simple for dinner. Mondays are a busy day here and I often work right up until dinner time, leaving me little time to cook. What Would Martha Do? A recipe from Everyday Food for light chicken parm seemed like it should fit the bill … Read more


Posted by Brette in Life

Today is Day One in my year of Martha. I am so unprepared. Just looking at the home page of her site, I feel completely overwhelmed.  Halloween is bearing down upon us. I have never sewed a Halloween costume (taped one together, definitely, but sewed, no). The only craft supply I have is some dried up Play-Doh … Read more