Winter Bark

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Winter Bark

I’m a candymaking machine (which only makes me think of that famous I Love Lucy episode in the candy factory). I made Martha’s Winter Bark from page 228 of the December Living. If you’re afraid of candymaking, this is a recipe for you. You melt bittersweet chocolate and white chocolate. Martha says to use a … Read more

Cooking School: Genoise/Jellyroll

On the latest cooking school, Martha and Sarah made a jellyroll, also called a genoise. I’ve heard of both of these terms, but didn’t really know what they meant. This is, essentially, a very thin cake that is rolled with filling inside it. Now, before we dive in here, if I could take a moment … Read more

A Tale of Two Pies

We always have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving – it’s a tradition. My recipe uses the crust recipe I got from my mother and the filling that I am embarrassed to admit came from an ad for Libby’s canned pumpkin! Martha has a recipe for Traditional Pumpkin Pie on page 82 of November Living. It was … Read more

Cookie of the Month: Maple Leaf Cookies

I was excited to try the November Living’s Cookie of the Month. This month, the cookie is a maple cookie. They looked gorgeous in the magazine. Making the dough was quick and simple. It seemed a little weird that it only used one egg yolk, not a whole egg (although I guess this makes it … Read more