More on Puerto Rico

Things are finally slowing down here so I’ll have more time to blog. I threw up some Puerto Rico photos the other day but didn’t have time to write anything. San Juan is a beautiful city, with narrow cobbled streets, old forts, and Spanish architecture. One thing we did that was off the beaten path … Read more

The Final Trip Purchase

We bought this steel sculpture in a gallery in La Conner Washington on the trip and it just recently arrived via UPS. The photo here doesn’t do it justice. The peaks are actually a silvery white, there is deep navy blue water under the trees and the mountains themselves are a greenish brown.  It’s now … Read more

Vacation Shopping Report

This is part three of my three part series about our trip to Seattle, Alaska, and Vancouver.  As you all know, shopping is a key component of travel for me. I’m not interested in outlet malls, Caribbean jewelry prices (there were tons of these shops in Alaska), tacky souvenirs (except a select few!), or clothes. … Read more

Shopping in the Bahamas

Yes, a whole post devoted to shopping. That’s how important shopping is! When we go on vacation, I always want to bring back items that will help me remember the true spirit of the place we visited. I long to buy items made by craftspeople and artisans who live in the place we visit and … Read more