Alaskan Basket

This week’s basket is from Juneau, Alaska. Juneau was a port on our Alaskan cruise. It was a very foggy day there and the helicopter ride to the glacier where we were going to ride dog sleds was cancelled. This was pretty crushing, but we saved the day by instead booking a visit to a … Read more

Maine Bookmark

Today’s bookmark is from Maine. You’ve probably seen bracelets made with this sailor’s knot technique (I had one as a child). This bookmark is special to me because it reminds me of Captain Bob Smith. For most of my childhood, my family rented a cottage on Smith Cove (near Blue Hill), Maine for two weeks … Read more

Venetian Bookmark

Last week I talked about how my bookmark collection started and shared my Alaska bear bookmark. I thought I would share another beautiful bookmark. This one is from Venice. Venice is one of my all-time favorite destinations, so it is special to me for that reason. The scene (of the Grand Canal) is hand-painted on … Read more

Unusual Shopping Finds in Aruba: Sponsored Post

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are  mine.  Aruba is known for its stunning blue-green water, its friendliness to Americans, and also for being windy. We spent a lot of time at the beach in Aruba, but when we needed to get out of the wind, … Read more

Sweetgrass Basket

So many of you liked my post about my lightship baskets that I thought I would share another basket in my collection. This is called a sweetgrass basket and it is from South Carolina. Charleston is considered the home for this particular type of craft. Sweetgrass baskets were a skill brought to this country by … Read more

Lightship Baskets

I love to travel, but I also love the thrill of the hunt while traveling. I like to bring home items that are handmade from the place I’m visiting, and failing that, at least something that reminds me of the locale. Several years ago when we rented a cottage on Cape Cod, we took the … Read more

Collector’s Corner: My First Sheep

I’m starting a new feature here at Putting It All on the Table. Occasionally I will feature an item I have collected and share something about it.  In a way, collections are like memories made 3D for me. I have so many stories and memories with everything I’ve collected. It’s time to start sharing them. … Read more

Travel Treasures from St. Martin

I love to visit new places to experience the culture, soak up the scenery, enjoy the food, and immerse myself in a different life. But let’s be honest here, the thing that gets me the most excited is the shopping (to the dismay of my teenage son). Caribbean islands are tough nuts to crack when … Read more

The Gallery in My Mind

My mom and I each have a gallery in our minds. The galleries are beautiful, with perfect lighting, neutral walls, and welcoming spaces. And they are completely filled with things we didn’t buy on our trips, but we wish we had.  (If you were wondering where I got the travel shopping bug from, it’s definitely … Read more

Shopping in Naples, FL

Shopping is always a primary concern of mine when traveling. And generally what I’m looking for are items handmade in the local area, usually specialty items from the area. Naples, FL is a lovely place to visit with wonderful white sand beaches, warm weather, and lots of conveniences nearby, but it doesn’t ring my bell … Read more