When my daughter and I traveled to St. Martin, we went to Tijon Perfumery, the only place in the Caribbean where you can make your own fragrance. It was an amazing day where we learned so much. You can read all about it on GoGirlfriend where I described our day and shared some photos. I … Read more

Newgrange: The Mystery of Prehistoric Man

One of things you realize about America when you travel abroad is that it really is the New World. What we think of as old is practically yesterday in Europe. It’s not until you walk in castles or colosseums built before Europeans set foot in or imagined America that you get a sense of how … Read more

Paris: Choco-Story Museum

I can find an excuse to eat chocolate just about everywhere I go, and Paris is no exception. Choco-Story, the museum of chocolate made it pretty easy for me. Located on the Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, right in front of the Bonne Nouvelle Metro Station, this museum was easy to find. It doesn’t compare on the … Read more

Visiting the Past: Omaha Beach and American Cemetery

My grandfather, Raymond Francis McWhorter, fought in World War II. He did not come ashore at Normandy, but he was part of the war effort in France and Italy. He lied about his age to be able to enlist. My father was born while he was away and didn’t meet him until he was a … Read more

The View from the Castle: A Stay at Dromoland Castle, Ireland

Ireland is populated with incredible castles almost everywhere you turn. There are tourist attractions (like Blarney Castle which we visited), castles people actually still live in and ruins just sitting in fields. “Yeah, that’s the castle in my backyard.” I think that if you live there you are immune to their magnificence, their stories, and … Read more

Travel Shoes for Wide and Problem Feet

We’re getting ready for our big summer trip. We do a lot of walking on our vacations, so having shoes that don’t hurt is crucial. That is easier to say than to achieve for me. I’ve got wide feet, a high instep, and a Morton’s neuroma (basically a bundle of nerves between the first and … Read more

The Gypsy in My Car

We refer to our GPS as Gypsy. When Gypsy first joined our family, I was resentful of her. Was my map reading and navigating not good enough? Soon I learned to love her, and we rely heavily on our GPS whenever we go somewhere unfamiliar. We started with a GPS that sat on the dash, … Read more

Dining In the Trees

When my daughter and I visited St. Martin, we spent a lot of time at the beach. Sun, sand, and sea are irresistible to us, not to mention the gigantic infinity pool we enjoyed at our resort. We ventured away from the water to shop but also to eat (two primary needs for survival). Although … Read more

Taking It All Off in St. Martin

When my college age daughter and I went to St. Martin, we stayed on a beautiful beach in Anse Marcel up at the northwest tip of the island. We always like to visit several beaches on islands (and they usually are very, very different – something that might surprise you). Anse Marcel was a quiet … Read more

Should You Go to Tourist Traps?

My friend Irene recently wrote a post about having lunch at the top of the Eiffel Tower, in which she debated whether it was worthwhile since it was such a tourist trap. This got me thinking about tourist traps in general. Tourist traps might be crawling with tourists, but there is generally a reason for … Read more