Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

I went to Home Goods earlier this week (always a mistake). The Christmas decorations are out. October wasn’t even half over. The fall decorations have been shoved to the side and Santas and snowmen have taken over. I’ll admit I have no qualms buying Christmas decorations in October. In fact, if you want to get … Read more

How to Clean a Lamp Shade

Recently the lamp shades in my house were looking a little dusty and a few swipes with a cleaning cloth did no good. The best way to clean a lamp shade is with a clean, dry paint brush! Brush down, going all around the lamp. You’ll be surprised by how much dust comes off! You … Read more

What’s Old Is New

Our daughter moved out this summer to attend medical school. While we’re so lucky that she has remained in the same area, we miss her terribly. But that hasn’t stopped me from doing cartwheels about all the added space in my house (in the pantry! In the bathroom! In the fridge! In the coat closet!) … Read more

Old Doilies Are New

I got the idea for this from something I saw on Pinterest. Get out all those doilies you inherited from your grandma but couldn’t bear to throw away, even though you would never, ever use them the way she did. Layer them over each other to create a table runner down the center of your … Read more

Holiday Decorations from Leftovers

I love to decorate for the holidays, but I love it even more when it costs me absolutely nothing. One trick I’ve hit upon is to take tree ornaments and display them in other ways to create more decorations throughout the house. I used to decorate with a winter theme after Christmas, but I soon … Read more

Holiday Chair Decorations

A couple of years ago I fell in love with decorating kitchen or dining room chairs after I saw it done at a holiday tour of homes. What a fun way to add some more decorations, I thought. My husband thought it was not as exciting, since I needed his help to make it happen. … Read more

Signature Colors for the Holidays

Red and green definitely say Christmas, but do you have to stick with tradition? Absolutely not. In fact, choosing your own signature color for the holidays allows you to customize your decor and make it extremely personal and unique. I come from a long line of customized Christmas color-themed households. My grandmother always had blue … Read more

Decorating with Cake Pedestals

I have a box of my grandmother’s old blue Christmas ornaments. For years, I’ve been displaying them in a bowl, but this year I decided to use cake pedestals. They create much more drama, and you get to see more of the ornaments. Clear pedestals will work with any ornaments, but I happened to have … Read more

Thanksgiving Table Craft

I got a little creative yesterday and made these super simple Thanksgiving candle centerpieces. It is just popcorn and cranberries and a small votive. Next time I will try to find some colored popcorn (they sell red and black) to mix in for more color. Very easy to make and you can still use the … Read more

8 Cheap Ideas for Beautiful Art for Your Walls

I like artwork, but I have to say I don’t often like something enough to want to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for it.  I love and appreciate good art, so I’ve found some ways to have great art at little cost. 1. Notecards. I have several framed notecards that I’ve purchased while traveling. … Read more