25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 8

I’m enjoying taking you on this tour of my trees. Today’s trees are feather trees. I bought these years ago and they have had some adventures. The little tree is a favorite of our dogs. It has been snatched several times. They are, after all, bird dogs (golden retrievers) so I can’t be mad at … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 7

These trees are in my family room and the entire montage is new to me this year. The tree on the left was purchased in Yellowstone this summer. I just love it’s cragginess. The tree on the right was purchased in the Adirondacks this fall. I love the curled wood branches. The reindeer was my … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 6

Today’s tree is a new addition, purchased at a local decor shop (Room on Hertel, for you local folks). The icicle theme seems to be gaining in popularity recently and I’ve been seeing lots of decorations that are icy with crystals. This tree sits in the forest of trees on my dining room chest (I’ll … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 5

Today’s tree is an artificial topiary that sits on a small cabinet on our stairway landing. At Christmas, I stick these pink poinsettias into it. And yes, pink, not red. I don’t have any red themed decor in my house since I work from a pastel palette. The photos on the wall are my grandparents’ … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 4

Welcome to my office. Since I’m a writer and an avid reader, it only made sense to have an office tree that is all about books. My skinny little tree was meant to be a foyer or outside tree I think, but it is perfect in my office. It is decorated only with book ornaments. … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 3

Today’s tree is a small beaded tabletop tree. I picked it up on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago. This year it is in the kids’ bathroom upstairs which is blue and green. I used to display all of my little tabletop tree together, but I now have too many … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees Day #2: Improving Store Bought Decorations

I have a problem with Home Goods. I find an excuse to pop in there about once a week and at this time of year, I’m always finding holiday decorations to bring home. But often they just aren’t quite right. This year, I’ve taken to customizing some store bought decorations. It’s much easier than starting … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 1

Welcome to the 25 Days of Christmas Trees! I’m celebrating this year by sharing a tree a day (ok sometimes more than one a day), each day in December until Christmas. I’m embarrassed to admit I have more than 25 trees in my house. Most of them are tiny, but still…. Because of this my … Read more

The Popcorn Wreath Tutorial

Every year my daughter and I go to a different holiday tour of homes. We love to see decorating ideas and also like seeing the insides of other people’s homes (yep, we’re nosy). Last year we went to Niagara-on-the-Lake, a lovely town just over the Canadian border. We saw lots of amazing things and came … Read more

Circles of Holiday Joy

We have two holiday wreaths that go up each year: one on the front door, and the second on a wall in the dining room. I realized these wreaths must be at least 15 years old, probably older. I am also pretty sure the wreaths themselves were hand-me-downs that we redecorated. The metal framing of … Read more