Thanksgiving Table

I must confess that since we usually stay home for Thanksgiving, I don’t go nuts (ha! You’ll get the joke later in the blog) with table decorations. I use the good china, but generally stick with everyday silverware. Cloth napkins, maybe. This year, in my ongoing Martha makeover, I knew I had to kick it … Read more

November Ask Martha

I’ve poured over the November Ask Martha in Living and have come away with some tidbits. Firstly, I really appreciated the answer about removing wax from votives. I had not clue how to do this. Martha suggests popping the votive in the freezer and then removing the wax. This totally worked for me! Here are … Read more

Mushroom Cloud

On Friday, Nov 14, Martha made mushroom prints with Seal. Wow! I thought they were amazing and was excited to do with it with mini-Martha. I even thought we might be able to frame them and give them as a gift. First stop  – the store. I bought two pieces of 12×12 cardstock for 50 … Read more

Thanksgiving Workshop

I signed up for Martha’s Thanksgiving Workshop email program. The idea is she will send me an email once a week to help me get ready for Thanksgiving. Ok, that’s clever, although I am not really feeling overwhelmed about Thanksgiving. Unlike Christmas, it’s just a dinner. Week 1 The first email arrived the first week … Read more

First Aid Kit

Martha sent me an organizing tip of day about first aid kits. We have a first aid kit and I can’t tell you how many times it has saved the day. Not only do we have one in the bathroom, but I also keep a small one in each car. When we travel, I take … Read more

The Linen Closet Project

  Martha decided it was time to organize my linen closet. She was right. As you can see below, it was pretty messy. I sat down and read all her advice about linen closets on the web site. Some was simply not practical. If I had as much money as Martha does, I could probably … Read more

Martha on the Road

In my quest for all things Martha (which is now constantly on my mind), I sought out two Halloween festivities over the weekend that are definitely something Martha would approve of. Old Town Alexandria, Virginia has dog trick or treating the week before Halloween. What a sight! Dogs of every kind in every imaginable type … Read more