Family Room Transformation

I have been like  an expectant mother and it has taken almost exactly nine months, but at long last our family room remodel is complete! I’ve definitely got the decorating bug and even recently took an online interior decorating course. The family room journey started in January. We had used a large room connected to … Read more

Hallway Help

Do you have halls in your home that are empty and you don’t know what to do with them? I have two space like this in my house that I’ve been pondering. One of them is connected to a remodeling project we have been working on. We recently remodeled our family room and there is … Read more

Ghost Under Glass

This little ghost is one of my Halloween decorations. I got this pedestal cloche last year and I’ve been putting one little thing in it for each holiday. It’s a fun way to isolate an item and highlight it. I love the ghost in it because it just has a bit of a sense of humor … Read more

A Reason to Celebrate

Once the holiday decorations are put away, things settle down, and the reality of winter sinks in, things can start to feel a bit glum. I combat this in two ways. Decorate for Small Holidays I decorate for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter. Valentine’s Day decorations go up right after the Christmas decorations … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees Day 24

For Christmas Eve I am sharing the trees on our front porch. They are wrapped with pink ribbon. They came pre-lit but the lights stopped working after the first year so now we add lights to them. We have garland on the railings that has the same pink ribbon.

25 Days of Christmas Trees Day 23

Here are some more dining room trees. I could do an entire month of trees (not just 25 days!) I have so many. And I’m including a photo of the entire forest as well. The chest they are on was my grandmother’s. 

25 Days of Christmas Trees Day 22

My kitchen tree is 100% fun for me. It all started when we were in Montreal. I saw a fondue pot ornament and it hit me how great it would be to have a kitchen tree. The fondue was meaningful because we always had fondue on New Year’s Eve. So I bought the ornament and … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees Day 21

Another treasure from the dining room forest is this pretty tree that always reminds me of a wedding cake!

25 Days of Christmas Trees Day 20

Just a few more days till Christmas! But don’t worry – I have plenty of trees to get us through the countdown! Today’s tree is from the dining room forest. I love how it’s loopy metal with a few jewels scattered throughout. I think I picked this up a Kohl’s when it first opened here … Read more

25 Days of Christmas Trees: Day 19

It’s confession time. I own not one, but two ceramic trees. The first one I shared was made by my husband’s grandmother. This one I am going to admit was garbage picked! We spotted it at the end of a driveway in a pile of stuff when some people moved out of a house on … Read more