Have You Tried… Air Fryers?

I got an air fryer for Christmas. I’d heard about these oil-less deep fryers but couldn’t believe they worked. I’ve used mine several times now and am sold on it. Before I got my air fryer I had a fry daddy kind of machine I used on those rare occasions when I deep fried things – … Read more

Have You Tried…OXO Good Grips Greensaver Produce Keeper

For many years I have struggled with a deep dark secret. The stuff in my fruit and veggie drawers in my fridge rot. No matter how hard I work to use it all up, stay on top of it and clean it out, I invariably end up with something rotten in one of those drawers. … Read more

Have You Tried Different Cider Varieties?

There has been a boom in fermented (hard) cider in the food world the past few years. A smaller trend, which I see as about to explode, is the emergence of apple cider varieties. When I was a child, we used to drive north to Niagara County to buy cider at real cider mills one … Read more

Have You Tried Livionex Toothpaste?

I’ve never gotten excited about toothpaste before, but Livionex has me excited. This amazing toothpaste blasts off plaque – they say it is 2.5 times more effective than other toothpastes and I believe it. After you use it, you feel like you’ve just had your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office. Your teeth are shiny, … Read more

Cup4Cup Gluten Free Pizza Dough Mix

I recently tried Cup4Cup Gluten Free Pizza Dough Mix and am giving it 5 stars. Find out why: http://www.takingglutenoffthetable.com/?p=461

Have You Tried Thin Hangers

I remember first seeing thin velvet hangers (you know the hangers I’m talking about – they are super thin covered in velvet) during one of my surreptitious visits to the QVC channel. (Once in a while I just like to see what they are selling! I’ve gotten a few good gift ideas by doing this). … Read more

Have You Tried Kaniwa?

Just when you got up to speed on quinoa, there’s another grain out there that is becoming popular. Kaniwa is a South American grain originally grown by the Aztec. It’s a member of the goosefoot family (which doesn’t sound too appetizing) but it is a super grain – high in protein and minerals and very … Read more

Piedmontese Beef

While visiting the exciting Whole Foods-like new grocery story in our area, I poked around a bit in the frozen meat section. Although the store had a really fabulous fresh meat section (we bought some bison that was fabulous), there were some choices in the frozen section worth considering. I briefly considered camel burgers, but … Read more

Have You Tried… Magic Erasers?

I’ve been using Magic Erasers for a couple of years and every time I use one I’m still amazed by them. They look like sponges, but they are superheroes at getting smudges, dirt, and stains off walls, floors, ceilings, and wood – without damaging them. Sometimes there are mysterious smudges or scrape marks on your … Read more

Have You Tried….Space Bags?

I have been fighting a losing battle with the linen closet for a while now. It was so full that it didn’t seem to matter how much straightening I did. Towels, sheets, blankets and tote bags were falling out all over. I spotted some Space Bags while at Marshall’s a few weeks ago and couldn’t … Read more