Making a Martha Calendar

Lots of people are wild about Martha’s calendar, which has reappeared at the beginning of Martha Stewart Living. I have a calendar, but it’s just appointments and events – not household things. So, I’ve decided to follow Martha’s lead and make up a calendar for May. I’ve tried to think ahead and plan out what … Read more

Gardening Update

I have pledged to grow a vegetable garden this year, in my quest to be like Martha. Not having a very green thumb, it is a challenge. I started my seeds indoors as Martha instructed. They came up nicely. Since I fear it is still too soon to plant outdoors, I still have them inside. … Read more

Green Thumb?

In what will be a continuing series, I want to share with you my garden progress. When I was recently on Martha Stewart Radio, Morning Living, I mentioned that one of my big upcoming Martha projects is a garden. My father is a marvelous gardener and produces mass quantities of vegetables each summer, all summer. … Read more

As I’ve mentioned before, the January issue of Martha Stewart Living really was a hit with me. There are just so many things in the issue that strike a chord or just work for me. On page 88, there is a heart-stoppingly gorgeous section called A Year of Flowers, which shows a flower arrangement for … Read more

No Green Thumb

Martha, you’ve really got me this time. Pages 52-56 of January Living are all about diagnosing problems with houseplants. Oh boy, do I need this! Let me just say this is all a little embarrassing! My grandfather ran a very successful greenhouse business, now owned by my uncle. My father plants the world’s largest garden … Read more