Martha Mondays: Glittered Pumpkins

Megan’s Cookin’ chose glittered pumpkins for today. My project was pretty much doomed from the start. I didn’t have a pumpkin left from Halloween. My grocery store did not have any. We got one from my mom, but it was rotting inside, so the stem came off. Oy. We also tried to do this in … Read more

Get your glitter ready! Megan’s Cookin’ has chosen Glittered Pumpkins for next week’s project.

Martha Mondays: Drink Umbrellas

Sassy Suppers chose a craft project for today – drink umbrellas. What a cute project! It was really easy too. We pleated one of the umbrellas to try to make it look a bit more like the ones you get in restaurants and it turned out really well. These would be adorable for a summer … Read more

Sassy Suppers has chosen a fun little craft project for us for next week – drink umbrellas. Perfect for the hot weather. Now I just need someone to make me a virgin strawberry daiquiri to go with it! And someone to fan me. And just a note to apologize for my lack of posting lately. … Read more

My $150 Necklace for $27

I have been coveting this $150 starfish necklace for more than a year. But I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that. We were in Florida recently and spent a day on Sanibel Island, where I did some shopping. Several of the stores were selling these little do it yourself lockets. They came in different … Read more

Cookie Decorating

I’ve been doing holiday cookies in stages. I’ll make the dough one day, cut it out and bake it another and then we had a big cookie decorating night to decorate the gingerbread and sugar cookies. This year I bought some little squeeze bottles, thinking we could emulate Martha and make the cookies look like … Read more

My Flock

I have a thing for sheep. Quirky, unusual, yet lovable sheep. They can’t be too big. They can’t have faces that are too human. And it’s most fun if I buy them on vacation. Here is my flock. Do you love it? It’s so big I’m going to have to expand to another shelf (the … Read more

I Am Not Martha

I try really hard to decorate beautifully, cook wonderful meals, and buy lovely gifts, but I don’t have a wrapping room (and how I wish I did!). The wrapping supplies live in the closet under the stairs. When I’m ready to tackle the holiday wrapping, it all comes out and takes over part of our … Read more

Martha Mondays: Snowflakes

Thanks to Lyndsey at Tiny Skillet to for choosing paper snowflakes for today’s project. I used to do this with my kids when they were little, but I didn’t know to do the part about folding it into thirds (that part was a little hard, but I managed!). I tried to do one exactly like … Read more

Final Giveaway

This is my final Martha giveaway of the year. 10 lucky winners will get a Martha Stewart Holidays double-edged snowflake trim punch (this creates a strip of die-cut paper to use as a decorative strip) AND a set of Martha Stewart Holidays treat bags (each package includes 8 bags, 8 paper boxes/trays that go at … Read more